The Hot Topic In Ethereum Cryptocurrency News

by | Nov 2, 2021 | Finance


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Ethereum is one of the newer cryptocurrencies, first launching in 2015 and rapidly rising to one of the top alternatives to Bitcoin. However, despite the best efforts of backers, Ethereum has not seen the big jump in investment and use. With this being said, the latest in Ethereum cryptocurrency news may show signs that this is about to change, perhaps significantly.

The Blockchain Factor

One of the significant issues for investors in the cryptocurrencies markets is the underlying blockchain technology. Bitcoin, with its many years on the market, a the most reliable and well-developed blockchain technology, which is one of the reasons it is so widely accepted and used in areas around the world.

New information in Ethereum cryptocurrency news focuses on the underlying Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum 2.0 or the Altair upgrade, will be implement in the Beacon Chain, which is used as the basis of this cryptocurrency.

The Benefits

One of the many benefits for investors with this Ethereum cryptocurrency news is a faster and reportedly “greener” option in a blockchain. The Altair upgrade offers the same level of security and decentralized network. It also offers the option for businesses and international transactions to use smart contracts in a much more accessible format.

The Altair upgrade creates a proof-of-stake network. This allows the system to randomly choose specific transactions for verification, limiting the potential bottlenecks in the Bitcoin proof-of-work network that requires all high-level transactions to be verified. By limiting the number of verifications, the system uses less power and resources, a factor the Ethereum investors see as a significant benefit.

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