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Serve Up a Buffet of Sales with the Latest POS Systems for Restaurants

In the world of POS systems, there are generic solutions and all-stars. Here are four units that are fit for a starting lineup.

POS Systems for Countertops

A countertop unit is a quintessential POS system. It’s basically a cash register with a suite of technologies. With this system, you can

• Process payments

• Manage inventory

• Compile sales data

• Set objectives for your staff

Traditionally, a countertop POS system is built for the main counter in a restaurant. However, it will also fit on a secondary counter in the center of a restaurant.

Card Readers

Card readers are compact, handheld systems. A waiter can bring one of these units to a table when a guest places an order.

Options for Card Readers

Today’s card readers will accept all major credit cards, and they will even print receipts. There are also companies that make contactless card readers with advanced wireless capabilities.

Tablet POS

Tablet POS systems are cost-efficient. You don’t have to buy new hardware to harness the power of a tablet POS system. If you already own a tablet, you can run your favorite POS software on it.

All-In-One Units

An all-in-one POS system is the ultimate POS unit. It functions like a countertop system, but it has wireless capabilities like a card reader. However, this system is not built for a countertop. It runs on a highly sophisticated mobile device.

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