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Why SR22 Insurance in Elgin Is a Requirement for Some Drivers

When a lot of people hear they need Sr22 insurance in Elgin, they are confused by what this means. It’s not insurance at all. It’s a form that the driver’s insurance company needs to fill out stating that they do have the minimum state-required coverage. For those that have been told that they need to have this type of form filled out for them to legally drive, this is what they need to know about it.

Who Needs One

Most drivers don’t need to obtain this type of form. Drivers who have had a lot of traffic offenses, been in an accident without insurance, or had their license revoked or suspended may need to provide the state they reside in with a form of Sr22 insurance in Elgin.

How Long a Driver Has to Have It

The amount of time that a driver may need to have this form will vary according to the state that they live in. Many states do require that they have continuous coverage for at least three years. If they let their insurance policy lapse, the insurance company will automatically let the resident’s state know. This can result in a suspension of their driver’s license.

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