What to Do When You Have Tax Problems.

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Tax Services


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There’s no doubt about it, taxes are complicated. It’s easy to make mistakes when doing your taxes, or to end up owing more than you thought. If you find yourself with tax problems, know that you are not alone. There are millions of people who encounter tax issues every year. Yet, there is help out there if you know where to find it. Find out what you can do when you are dealing with tax-related problems.

Dealing With Amounts Owed

One of the most common tax problems is owing money. This usually causes most people to go into a state of despair. However, there are solutions to this problem. If you have tax problems in Tulsa OK you can get help from the professionals at Brown, Chism & Thompson. Owing back taxes is no laughing matter. You’ll need a real professional to review your situation and provide you with options. Brown, Chism & Thompson know what needs to be done in this situation. Trust this CPA firm to get your tax situation back on track.

Liens From Taxes

Another area involving tax problems concerns tax liens. This is something the IRS will do when you owe taxes but do not make an arrangement to pay them. This process starts by the filing of a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. This gives you official notice that a lien is imminent. If you receive one of these in Tulsa OK, you need to contact Brown, Chism & Thompson right away. The accountants at the firm can help you come up with a solution to avoid further action.

Unfiled Returns

If you haven’t filed your tax return by the deadline, know that you aren’t the only one. Nonetheless, it is not a good idea to let this go on for too long. Unfiled returns can still cause you to owe the IRS. Even worse, you may owe money plus interest. On the flip side, you might actually have a return coming your way. Let Brown, Chism & Thompson help you file your taxes as soon as possible. Don’t let tax problems Tulsa OK stress you out any more!

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