What Does a Stock Transfer Agent Actually Do

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Financial Services


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Many public and private companies use cap table management providers to take care of and update their cap tables. This allows companies to easily raise money while keeping their investors happy. These companies also do things like helping companies go public when they’re ready to do so. Cap table management providers often function as stock transfer agents as well. Listed below are some of their stock transfer services resposibilities.

Know the rules and regulations

Stock transfer agents are completely up-to-date on the latest SEC rules and regulations as they pertain to trading in track and securities. They help companies remain up-to-speed on any changes that happen with these rules and are quick to initiate action if changes do occur.

Maintain Records

Transfer agents keep accurate financial records for their clients. They maintain a database of all registered shares and shareholders, and they also keep track of information like dividends paid. They make sure that all of this information is completely up to date.

Make Payments

Transfer agents also make sure that they are up to date on making dividend payments to registered shareholders. Every tax season, they make sure that this information is reported to the IRS. Companies even invite their transfer agents to their annual meetings to act as Inspectors of Election.

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