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by | Jan 22, 2016 | Insurance


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Drivers in every state in the U.S. are required to have car insurance to legally operate a vehicle. Years ago, auto insurance policies were something that drivers had, but it was not legally required. As more and more accidents occurred and drivers who were not insured were at fault, lawmakers decided to make it mandatory for all drivers to carry car insurance. They figured this law would protect every driver on the road. Today, in order to legally register a vehicle, the owner of the vehicle must show proof of insurance. When it comes to Car Insurance Everett, drivers have a few options.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance, also known as full coverage, will cover all parties involved in an accident. For example, if a driver hits another vehicle the other vehicle and its passengers would be covered. Also, the responsible driver’s vehicle and its passengers would be covered as well. Many drivers choose this type of insurance because they want maximum coverage. If a driver is leasing a vehicle or has taken out a car loan, the lender or dealership will often require that they carry this type of insurance to ensure the safety of the vehicle until it is paid off.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance, also known as a liability, is a less expensive type of insurance and is the minimum insurance required by law. If a driver causes an accident, the other vehicle and its passengers would be covered, however, the responsible driver’s vehicle would not be covered. If there is any damage done to their vehicle, they would be responsible for covering the cost of the repairs.

Uninsured Motorist

Unfortunately, not every driver follows the law when it comes to having Car Insurance Everett. Drivers may start out with a policy, and then stop making the payments, resulting in a lapse in coverage. If this happens, and they hit another driver, there would be no insurance in place to cover the damages. If a driver has uninsured motorist coverage, it will cover the cost of the damage caused by an uninsured driver. Many drivers who have collision insurance will pair it with an uninsured motorist.

While it is the law that all drivers have insurance, the minimum amount of coverage required by law varies from state to state. If a driver is not sure how much coverage they are required to have, or want and insurance quote, they should visit domain URL.

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