The Cap Table Management Service and Stock Transfer Agent of Utah

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Financial Services


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Cap management is critical when it comes to keeping up with regulatory compliance. This can become time-consuming and stressful when there is no help or assistance from someone who is an expert and knows what they are doing. Equity Track offers stock options software and experts who will maintain the cap table and see that it is organized and current. Equity Track offers public company services, crowdfunding services, employee plans, and so much more, proving that there is no job too big or too small for them to handle.

With their private company services, Equity Track knows how to prioritize the shareholders, addressing their needs with the stock options software. This software is unique because it performs updates that synchronize with the transfer agent services. it also keeps the customer in the loop of any changes being made to their issuances and stock transactions as soon as the changes happen. This industry competitive company and their experienced staff take cap table management to a whole new level with the CloudRaising funding software and the online cap table tracking service. This makes it easy for the customer to raise money while managing investors simultaneously. The stock option software allows the customer to be sure that the cap table is correct, current, and compliant.

Equity Track is the best option when a company is looking to fill the need for experienced staff providing them with satisfying, optimal service and offering capital raising, partnership services and cap table management. To learn more, visit

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