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Purchase an HO6 Policy From a Trusted Company

If you live in a condominium and need to obtain an h06 policy, it’s essential to understand what it covers and doesn’t. Knowing how much to buy is also helpful. Utilizing a trusted seller should make the experience even easier and affordable.

What’s Covered When You Purchase Condo Insurance?

Purchasing a standard condo insurance policy, which is also known as an ho6 policy, typically covers five areas, which include personal property, your unit, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments. Here’s what’s usually included:

  • Personal Property: The personal belongings you own
  • Dwelling: Alterations, improvements or additions to your unit
  • Personal Liability: Protects you if harm is accidentally caused to other individuals
  • Loss of Use: Receive compensation for living expenses if your unit is uninhabitable
  • Medical Payments: A set limit paid to others if issues were caused at your property

Similar to most insurance policies, condo insurance typically doesn’t cover water damage or issues caused due to being unoccupied for a specific period.

How Much to Buy

The cost of an ho6 policy is typically based on your deductible, building age, location and coverage amounts. When you’re considering purchasing coverage, you’ll want to determine the value of your personal belongings, such as clothing and furniture. If you’ve got jewelry or other possessions valued at more than $1000 each, you may need some extra coverage. The values for loss of use and personal liability should also be considered. To help make your decisions easier, you may want to visit Kin Insurance at They make it more straightforward and affordable to buy this type of coverage