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Four Tips to Enrolling in a Marketplace Insurance Plan in Atlanta GA.

When it is time to enroll in a marketplace plan in Atlanta, GA, you should know a few things ahead of time. Some user-friendly portals simplify enrollment, but before starting, here are the top four time-saving tips.

Understanding Your Household Size

You will need to state your household size when you enroll in a marketplace plan in Atlanta, GA. This figure will be the number of people you declare on your federal tax form, including family members who are not applying for coverage.


Next, you will state your household income for the coming year. You will need to estimate this figure. The data should represent the total income of all people who live in the household, including those not applying for coverage. The system needs this information so that you can be placed in an affordable program.

Sources of Income

Your family’s income may come from more than just a weekly paycheck. You must disclose money everyone has earned from any employer, cash payments, rental property income, and retirement plans. The only funding that does not have to be shared are payments from SSI or Supplemental Security Income.

Income Estimates

When calculating your finances, be sure to use pretax numbers. An easy way to estimate a yearly total is to take one month of total income from the qualifying sources and multiply that figure by 12. For more help and to quickly and easily enroll in a marketplace plan in Atlanta, GA, contact Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace.