5 Reasons You Should Have a Prepaid Debit Card

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Financial Services


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There are a lot of different options available for paying for things online. People can set up automatic withdrawals from bank accounts, pay from online wallets and even use the new crypto-currencies in an increasing number of locations.

When people need options to manage payments online as well as in person, one of the best options is a debit card. Choosing the prepaid options in these cards provides people with several benefits that are important to consider.

More Secure Than Cash

Carrying around small or large amounts of cash is not considered a safe option. Not only is there always the risk of losing a purse or a wallet, but there is always the concern about theft.

In loading the check on a prepaid debit card, anyone finding or taking the card also has to have the PIN. Additionally, cards can be reported stolen, which provides additional protection.

Easier to Manage a Budget

By loading what you plan to spend as a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly budget, it is easier to stay on track. These cards provide real-time information on balances through apps or websites, giving the user full control and better cash flow management.

No Interest or Fees

With any prepaid debit card, there is never any interest or fees on the card. The cash, once loaded on the card, is there to be used as needed. As it is deducted from the balance with every transaction, there is no risk of overusing the card.

Load Funds From Any Type Of Check

The top companies offering prepaid debit card services can use any type of check as a funding source for the card. This includes government checks, IRS tax refunds, student loan checks, payroll or even personal checks as well as many others.

Online Shopping and Bill Pay

When buying items using these prepaid cards, it is the same easy transaction as using a credit card or a traditional debit card linked to a bank account. This means shopping online or paying bills a breeze, eliminating late fees and ensuring your accounts are up to date.

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