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3 Types of Clover POS Systems

Taking payments from customers has never been easier. The array of technologies at your disposal helps you cater to just about every payment need currently available. In this era of constant innovation, new ways to process payments become available. Clover Pos Pricing is one option available to merchants and retailers. The industry recognizes that everyone is searching for a win-win situation. So, the entrepreneurs are constantly testing algorithms and making point of sale hardware and software more efficient.

Here are three Clover POS systems to consider.


A station point of sale system includes a cash drawer and receipt printer. You can expect a large and versatile display. It is built for speed, power and reliability. The security is multi-layered and customizing orders is possible. Like the Clover Pos Pricing system, it is one of many desirable POS devices.


The Flex system is an all in one system. It has the ability to accept all payment types including by swiping, dipping or tapping. This is a great replacement for traditional, bulky registers you may still have. It enables you to receive deposits in a fast and easy manner. You can also track your business. Monitoring your sales, checking in on refunds and figuring out the best selling items are features you will enjoy.


Mobile businesses have taken off. The convenience of being able to provide services for clients at locations that are most convenient for them has opened several opportunities. The Go system allows you to take payments on the go. It syncs with all of your Clover devices. With top notch security, the device is ready to go right out of the box. All you have to do is use the app. It is sleek, compact and a very light card reader with lots of computing power.